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Jack Launches Investobot

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Gravity Jack launched the Investobot Chatbot for potential investors.

Gravity, Spokane Jack has the longest history in AR and computer vision. Following the announcement of WarTribe of Binyamin, it developed AI.

Investobot, an AI-powered data room, uses conversational AI to help investors ask questions and learn about Gravity Jack and WarTribe of Binyamin investments.

In a statement, Gravity Jack founder and chief visionary officer Luke Richey claimed Investobot will change how investors view potential prospects. Our goal is to give investors a smooth and informed raise, boosting confidence and trust in the investment process.

Investobot is Gravity. Jack raises $3.5 million to fund WarTribe of Binyamin, a smartphone game that uses AR and AI to revolutionize gaming and society.

“Investobot is currently solely for due diligence on our company,” Richey emailed GamesBeat. Our current raise and Gravity Jack inquiries are answered. We will work with a Silicon Valley law firm (TBA) to use it for other services because it reduces due diligence time.

He stated it was inspired since the team has raised before and due diligence takes too long, forcing you to answer the same questions. He was surprised no one had done it yet.

“Raising for a game is challenging, even with Nolan Bushnell and a team with experience in making billions in games. We needed something bold to attract attention,” he stated.

Gravity Jack Advises Investors With AI

Without meeting, flying, or taking time out of their busy schedules, investors can use Investobot to ask questions and get detailed answers regarding the investment opportunity.

“We did something nobody has done to attract investors in this investment environment. AI isn’t simply a term at Gravity Jack; it drives innovation, Richey said. “Investobot was enjoyable to make. We proudly present the first AI-powered data room to expedite the investment process and give potential investors unmatched insights.”

Unlike VDRs (virtual data rooms), Investobot uses machine learning algorithms to create a dynamic and interactive “chatroom” for investors. Instead of manual navigation like VDRs, Investobot uses natural language processing to make investment information access and analysis easier.

Gravity Jack’s invention and skill in AR, AI, and computer vision make them leaders. With Investobot, they push technology to empower investors and transform the financial sector.

Gravity Jack has 19 employees and raised $1 million.