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OpenAI Adds Ratings And Detailed Builder Profiles To GPT Store

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Just over a month after OpenAI debuted its highly anticipated GPT Store, which allows users to create and share personalized chatbots with the world, it is now adding user reviews and more builder profile data to the marketplace.

However, the fundamental concept of the store—that OpenAI would compensate GPT developers according to the frequency of usage of their unique GPTs—remains elusive.

Rankings And Personal Comments

Through an animated GIF that shows where users of third-party GPTs can access the ability to rate them—using a dropdown menu beneath that GPT’s name in the upper-left corner and moving down to a new option called “Send feedback”—OpenAI announced the updates to the GPT Store on the social network X, formerly known as Twitter.

This launches a new interactive interstitial pop-up element where users can rate the GPT (1–5) and leave a text field to give the creator a “optional private email.” There’s also a checkbox to indicate whether or not to leave the rater’s email address.

Enhanced Profile Of GPT Builder

In addition, additional information can now be added by GPT Builders to their account profiles, which show up when users click on their names. In addition to the builder’s overall average rating and the total number of ratings, this information also contains links to the builder’s website, X account, LinkedIn page, and the total number of “conversations,” or sessions, that have been begun using that GPT.

The improvements follow a strange and even scary ChatGPT problem that many users experienced earlier this week when an update led the chatbot to start responding to users with nonsensical nonsense.