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OpenAI Announces A Community Forum That Is Invitation-Only

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OpenAI has announced the opening of the OpenAI Forum, a new invitation-only online forum aimed at bringing together “domain experts and students” to converse and work together on AI. This is in addition to the company’s recent announcement about Sora.

Although it looks to be free to join and promises “online and in-person events,” participants must provide one hour of their time every three months. While OpenAI is vetting applications, anyone is welcome to apply to join.

Furthermore, through “model evaluations, evaluation set creation, and opportunities to provide support for the Preparedness team’s work to ensure the safety of frontier models,” OpenAI claims to “provide paid opportunities for community members to support OpenAI research projects.”

Exclusive By Invitation

Applying to join requires completing a form on the newly launched OpenAI Forum website with a few basic personal details (name, email, corporate affiliation, and a link to one’s LinkedIn profile).

But not every candidate will be chosen. Additionally, OpenAI published the following requirements for potential members:

shown interest in the nexus between the applicant’s field of expertise and AI.
the capacity to dedicate one hour each fiscal quarter to participating in activities.
demonstrated proficiency in your academic or professional sector.
Applications will be taken into consideration progressively. Our goal is to maintain intimate, meaningful Forum involvement opportunities that welcome a wide range of viewpoints.
Model assessments, the development of evaluation sets, and assistance with the Preparedness team’s endeavors to guarantee the security of frontier models are among the activities. Members will have a significant influence on how AI technologies are developed and applied through their contributions.

What Would Entice Someone To Sign Up?

The forum essentially seems like an OpenAI fan club, offering “roundtables” and “community events” with domain experts in AI, STEM, and the arts (a recent event featured Station Eleven author Emily St. John Mandel). It also promises a chance for members’ voices to be heard as the company advances toward its mission of developing artificial generalized intelligence (AGI).

“Creating AGI that benefits all of humanity will require broad participation from stakeholders with different backgrounds,” the business states in a frequently asked questions document.