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OpenAI Makes ChatGPT Plugins Available To All Users

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With ChatGPT, you can increase your productivity at work and at home by completing tasks that used to take hours to complete in a matter of minutes or even seconds. The top ten ChatGPT plugins are listed below to help you save time.

1. GetHelpWithPDF

Send ChatGPT a link to a PDF of your choosing and pose any queries you may have regarding it.

It may do a wide range of tasks, including summarizing the PDF and responding to targeted queries regarding dates, figures, and facts.

2. Alpha Wolfram

Give ChatGPT access to strong computation, precise math, curated knowledge, real-time data, and visualization to make it smarter.

3. Vanity

Give up wasting hours looking for work on the internet.

When you tell the Ambition plugin what kind of roles you’re looking for, it will search through millions of job postings on the internet and provide you with fast access to the top ones.

4. Zoom

By assigning and automating jobs directly within ChatGPT, you can save hours each week.

With a few brief lines of code, automate anything from updating databases to sending emails.

5. Timely Perfect

Want to utilize ChatGPT to receive something, but are unsure which prompt to use?

In order to assist you in finding the solution you seek, the Prompt Perfect plugin creates the ideal prompt.

6. Reader Link

This plugin scans content from a variety of URLs, including webpages, news stories, and Word documents, and responds to your inquiries concerning the information found there.

7. edX

Boost your education by quickly accessing courses and information from prestigious colleges like MIT and Harvard with ChatGPT.

8. Visual Analysis

Send links to internet videos on platforms like YouTube to receive insights that are condensed and sent in a matter of seconds.

9. Academic AI

Gain significant scientific information at your fingertips with quick, dependable, and peer-reviewed data.

10. Educator

You can get readily available, reasonably priced tutoring and knowledge whenever you need it.