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OpenAI Releases ChatGPT Plugins To Everyone

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ChatGPT is a great tool to help you improve your effeciency at home and at work as it can help you speed up things that tooks hours to do now can be done in minutes or even seconds. Here are a list of 10 ChatGPT plugins that can save you time.

1. AskYourPDF

Share a link to a PDF of your choice and ask ChatGPT any questions about that PDF.

It can do everything from summarizing the PDF to answering specific questions about dates, numbers, and facts.

2. Wolfram Alpha

Make ChatGPT smarter by giving it access to powerful computation, accurate math, curated knowledge, real-time data and visualization.

3. Ambition

Stop spending hours searching for jobs online.

Tell the Ambition plugin what kind of roles you’re looking for, and it will sort through millions of job openings online and share the best ones with you instantly.

4. Zapier

Save hours every week by delegating and automating tasks right within ChatGPT.

Do everything from email automation to updating databases with a few short lines of instruction.

5. Prompt Perfect

Want to get something from ChatGPT but not sure what prompt to use?

The Prompt Perfect plugin crafts the perfect prompt to help you get the answer you’re looking for.

6. Link Reader

This plugin reads the content from all sorts of links – like websites, news articles, Word documents – and answers any questions you have about the content from that link.

7. edX

Level up your knowledge by getting content and courses from top universities like Harvard and MIT instantly in ChatGPT.

8. Video Insights

Share a link to online videos from websites like YouTube and get insights summarized and delivered in seconds.

9. ScholarAI

Unlock powerful scientific knowledge with fast, reliable, and peer-reviewed data at your fingertips.

10. Tutory

Access affordable, on-demand tutoring and education right at your fingertips.