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Roblox Releases AI-driven Tools

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In an effort to transform 3D content creation on its platform for user-generated content, Roblox announced two cutting-edge AI technologies.

The business unveiled the Avatar Auto Setup and Texture Generator at the Game Developers Conference in San Francisco. These tools are expected to drastically speed up the process of creating avatars and texturing things, ushering in a new era of productivity for artists everywhere.

The difficult process of developing avatars is made easier with Avatar Auto Setup, which automates the transformation of 3D body meshes into fully animated, instantly useable avatars. The alpha version of Roblox Studio has this capability, which significantly cuts down on the amount of time needed to build up avatars.

In the meanwhile, Texture Generator gives artists the ability to quickly change the look of 3D objects with text prompts. Creators may quickly prototype and iterate textures that meet their exact demands by just adding descriptive language.

These new AI technologies have the potential to completely change the creative process, according to a statement from Roblox’s vice president of creator engineering, Nick Tornow.

“Anybody, from an independent developer to a professional game studio, can quickly create rich, compelling content on the Roblox platform with our new AI technologies,” Tornow stated. “With the help of these tools, creators can concentrate more on conceptualizing and less on carrying out their ideas, improving their experiences to increase engagement and, eventually, their businesses.”

How It Functions?

Avatar creation has never been simpler.
Avatar Auto Setup makes the process of creating an avatar easier by automatically transforming a 3D body model into an animated, live avatar that users can adopt. Auto Setup automatically rigs, cages, segments, and skins 3D models with a single click. finishing in a matter of minutes what used to take people days. The goal of the first alpha release is to provide Roblox Studio creators this methodology and do away with hours of tedious manual labor.

With Texture Generator, authors may easily alter the appearance of three-dimensional objects by using text prompts. Creators can quickly experiment different looks for their experience, create new textures with ease, and streamline workflows with Texture Generator. For instance, Texture Generator will design a texture for a 3D wooden treasure chest if a designer requests it, emphasizing the chest’s angular corners and taking into account details like the wooden planks and lock. As an alternative, constructing gold, silver, and bronze trophies is a simple way for a maker to create numerous versions of an object in different colors and textures.

Roblox’s Automated Avatar Creation System

Experts in the field have praised Roblox for its AI-powered approach to video production. “For” the kind of branded experiences we develop — with hundreds of bespoke avatars – AI alters the creation economy, giving creators limitless opportunity to realize their creative visions, according to a statement released by Guy de Beer, chief operating officer of Toya Play.

These developments highlight Roblox’s continuous efforts to innovate AI. The company has expanded the platform’s functionality and global reach with the latest releases of Code Assist and automatic chat translations, in addition to Avatar Auto Setup and Texture Generator.

Approximately 300 million characters of code were adopted by creators during the 11-month test period of Code Assist, a tool that proposes lines or functions of code while creators type. Toya Play claims that by utilizing Code Assist, their software development team has already experienced a 5% improvement in productivity, which equates to “months of work across the company.”

It also introduced real-time text conversation translation and toxicity monitoring for voice chats powered by AI. In the thirty days since Roblox’s proprietary TextChatService was made available to developers, the number of people using it has more than doubled. This is due to the introduction of automatic chat translations, which allow users to effortlessly connect with each other regardless of the language they speak. Users’ overwhelming participation has produced 19.7 billion translated messages to far, or about one-third of all communications sent on Roblox. These translations include insightful user input from global marketplaces for content developers.

Lead engineer at Neura Studios Juniper Hovey said in a statement, “AI has the power to help us create things beyond our imagination and connect people across the globe.” We’re launching a brand-new Roblox experience this week at GDC that allows people to become creators. Chat translations are among the features that make it simpler to connect people worldwide, which is essential to the functionality of our experience. The distinction between a user and a creator is hazy on Roblox. With AI and our next release, we intend to merge them into one.

The corporation is trying to move quickly with its own AI advancements because it recognizes that the combination of AI and user-generated content has the potential to disrupt it.

While Texture Generator is accessible through Roblox Studio, the company’s cutting-edge development environment, Avatar Auto-Setup is available in alpha.

GDC With Roblox

The growth of user-generated content is led by Roblox.
Hovey and de Beer will be speaking on stage at GDC this Thursday, March 21, from 10:00 to 11:00 a.m., alongside Roblox Head of Studio Stef Corazza and Roblox Head of Discovery Chen Zheng, about how generative AI is changing game development, discovery, and user-generated content.

At the Free to Play Summit, Andrew Rose, Chief Product Officer of Voldex, and Alex Singer, CEO of Voldex, will discuss Navigating the Difference Between Roblox and Mobile Free-to-Play Games in another session.

There will be another session discussing how to build a Roblox business. Speakers scheduled to speak include: Naomi Clemens, Director of Digital Fashion at Simple Games; Andrew Douthwaite, Chief Commercial Officer at Dubit; Alex Balfanz, co-creator of Jailbreak; Mary Rukavina, Director of Creativity at Twin Atlas; and Colin Dunatov, game developer at CDDevelopment.
Additionally, Roblox will discuss how UGC, game development, and discovery are being transformed by generative AI. Among the speakers are Guy de Beer, the operating officer of Toya, Juniper Hovey, the technical lead at Neura Studios, Chen Zheng, the senior director of product at Roblox, and Stef Corazza, the senior engineering director at Roblox.
Additionally, it will feature a session titled “The AI Revolution: An Expert-led Discussion on the Potential of Generative AI in Gaming.” Keynote speakers will include Luis Villegas, Chief Technology Officer at Bungie; Jeff Skelton, Head of Technology Partnerships at Electronic Arts (EA); Chris Benjaminsen, Founder and Head of AI at FRVR; Nico Perony, Director of AI Research at Unity; and Vitalii Vashchuk, Head of Gaming Solutions at EPAM.