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The 7 AI Marketing Trends For 2024

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Examine each AI trend in greater detail to see how it will affect your marketing this year.

1. More Improvement In Ad Targeting

AI is being used by several marketers to improve ad targeting. After sifting through significant amounts of audience data, artificial intelligence can assist you in fine-tuning the targeting and messaging of your ads. By 2024, this trend in AI marketing could be expected to continue and grow.

This might lead to more precise advertisements, but it might also raise the threshold for what makes an effective advertisement. For marketers, this entails putting more of an emphasis on quality and making sure your advertisements are effective.

What You Should Take Away From This?

Will consumers get more discerning and aware of advertisements as a result of increased competition and the general use of AI for ad targeting?

ever while you don’t currently need to use AI for better targeting, bear in mind that customers may grow more critical of advertisements and demand ever more sophisticated messages. After you feel that your messaging is as focused as possible, monitor the effectiveness of your advertisements even further and do A/B testing.

In relation to advertisements, are you ensuring that they are effective? Use our free Google Ads Grader to get an immediate account audit.

2. Enhanced Marketing Automation With AI

Social media posts and automated email blasts are the latest trends in marketing automation. Anticipate the continuous evolution and advancement of this technology. This could make it possible to distribute to smaller segments more realistically, conduct more micro-campaigns, pivot more quickly, and do much more.

Demands from audiences may change as AI-powered marketing automation is used more frequently. Consumers can come to anticipate even more hyper-personalized content, more timely promotions, and greater niche segmentation.

What this implies for you: As you develop campaigns for the upcoming quarters, take into account the previously mentioned audience demand fluctuations when coming up with ideas for your content. AI-powered automation may enable you to intersperse smaller campaigns, so consider any possible issues or subjects you could focus on with these kinds of initiatives. How might scheduling emails or social media posts be automated to free you time to work on other projects?

3. Smarter Chatbots

Chatbots can do far more than just substitute lead capture forms. (However, they’re also quite good at that.)

Chatbots can now respond to increasingly complex consumer inquiries, such as those concerning goods and services, thanks to recent developments in artificial intelligence. This enables chatbots to assist users in navigating your website and, eventually, the funnel.

It’s conceivable that more businesses will begin implementing sophisticated chatbots that can respond to more specialized queries. Creating your own sophisticated chatbot is a terrific idea right now, if you haven’t already. You’ll have a higher chance of being competitive and staying ahead of the competition if you do this.

What You Should Take Away From This?

Consider your chatbot’s content strategy. Not only will your chatbot respond to questions, but it can also send consumers to information on your website based on their queries.

As time passes, review the chatbot logs to discover what kinds of queries users are asking and whether they are receiving the assistance they require. If there are glaring gaps, create information that your chatbot can direct users to in order to close those knowledge gaps and meet their needs.

4. Increasing The Application Of Predictive Analytics

With the use of predictive analytics, marketers may forecast both the market and consumer behavior by analyzing customer data. Although this technology is not new, its capabilities are increasing yearly.

The predictive skills of AI are probably going to keep growing, enabling better product recommendations, more precise forecasts, and more. Businesses will be able to foresee revenues, for instance, and even determine which products will perform better in a campaign based on specific audiences and phrases thanks to improved predictive analytics.

What You Should Take Away From This?

Precise predictive analytics require rich, historical site and consumer data. Whether or whether you’re employing predictive analytics, set yourself up for success by making sure you’re gathering the necessary data right now. This way, as soon as you identify the ideal predictive analytics solution for your company, you’ll have access to all the historical data you need to get started right away.

5. Enhanced Investigation And Judgment

Doing research is often challenging and time-consuming for smaller firms. Comparing tiny firms to larger organizations that have full teams devoted to research puts them at a disadvantage. Thankfully, the days of labor-intensive manual research and convoluted decision-making are over.

Advanced AI may help with many types of marketing research, from providing brief answers to inquiries about a content topic to summarizing the functions of several tools efficiently. Smaller businesses can benefit from this by speeding up the research process, making better judgments, and even thoroughly testing different technologies more quickly.

What You Should Take Away From This?

By 2024, likely, AI will still have advanced to these levels. Smaller businesses will find it much easier to compete with larger ones as a result. You should be very happy about this, particularly if you manage a small staff. But since there will be a truly equal playing field, competition will only get fiercer over time.

Learn about AI tools as soon as possible if you’re not already familiar with them, such as ChatGPT or Jasper. Examine how they can assist in streamlining different marketing research procedures so that you don’t fall behind in 2024. Naturally, keep quality as your first priority and double-check any information you obtain from AI tools!

6. The Ongoing Use Of Voice-Activated Purchasing

The potential of voice-based search will grow as AI develops more. 27% of US consumers made payments using voice search even in 2022. The days of relying solely on voice search results for significant inquiries, such as “How do I know when the cheese in the back of the fridge is bad?” are long gone.

As voice-activated buying and searching become more common, marketers will probably have to design a large portion of their campaigns around the voice-activated experience. If 27% of American consumers paid with voice two years ago, that percentage is probably going to continue to rise. Voice-activated shopping and payment systems will soon become the standard.

What You Should Take Away From This?

Write content with an emphasis on even longer-tail keywords that people might use in voice searches. Some businesses have already begun to consider voice SEO, but not all of them. As artificial intelligence (AI) enables more sophisticated voice-based buying and searching, producing content specifically for the voice-search experience today can help position you for success.

7. Increasing Multimodal AI Usage

Text and image are just two of the many inputs that multimodal AI integrates to provide a more comprehensive experience. This contrasts with other AI systems that use speech, image, or text alone—rather than a combination of the three. Multimodal AI is best exemplified by generative AI, which can produce graphics and content simultaneously on a variety of platforms.

One multimodal AI element in Google AdWords is automatically generated assets.

With the increasing capabilities and usage of multimodal AI technology, an increasing number of businesses will be able to produce larger amounts of images and copy. Additionally, businesses will be able to target ads and keywords even more precisely thanks to this technology.

The final outcome? smaller businesses capable of taking on bigger content teams.

What You Should Take Away From This?

Your rivals are likely utilizing multimodal AI, whether or not you are. Use generative AI to generate ideas for content and provide your team with starting points without hesitation. However, ensure that your team’s screening procedure keeps them from disseminating generic, AI-generated content.

Once more, pay attention to quality and what sets your business apart. This will make you stand out from the many businesses that use AI to create their copy and images.

Keep up with these developments in AI marketing.

There’s no doubt AI is here to stay, even though its capabilities and use cases are probably going to change in the years to come in ways we can’t even begin to comprehend. Keep up with the most recent developments in AI marketing to make sure you’re prepared for anything that lies ahead. Stay as informed as you can by reading the headlines, monitoring the actions of your rivals, and following the latest developments.

Don’t undervalue the significance of conventional marketing strategies in addition to this. A fundamental understanding of marketing and an emphasis on quality will always be critical to success, regardless of the path AI takes.