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The Beatles’ Unseen Encore: An AI-Revived Symphony

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The Beatles, a band that needs no introduction, has recently returned to the limelight in an extraordinary manner. Through the power of artificial intelligence (AI), a previously uncompleted composition from 1978, ‘Now and Then’, has been brought back to life.

The Unheard Melody: ‘Now and Then’

Penned by the legendary John Lennon, ‘Now and Then’ was a composition that had been left untouched, silently waiting for its moment of glory. That moment has now arrived, thanks to the intervention of AI, which has breathed new life into this composition, allowing it to reach the ears of Beatles fans across the globe.

AI: The New Maestro in Music Production

The use of AI in the completion of ‘Now and Then’ signifies a revolutionary leap in music production. Lennon’s voice was successfully isolated from an old demo of the song, a feat made possible by cutting-edge technology. This approach was inspired by Peter Jackson’s documentary, ‘Get Back’, which utilized a custom-made AI to separate the Beatles’ voices from background noise, paving the way for this groundbreaking musical endeavor.

The Beatles’ Swan Song: A Blend of Past and Present

The journey to the song’s completion was not without its challenges, but the end result is a testament to the innovative use of technology in art. AI enabled the separation of Lennon’s voice and piano, allowing a purer incorporation of Lennon’s voice into the final mix. The result is a song that seamlessly blends the past with the present, offering fans a taste of the Beatles in a brand new light.

The Ethical Crossroads: AI in Music Production

The excitement surrounding the AI-assisted song is tempered by the controversies that this new era of music production brings. High-profile AI fakes have previously garnered significant attention on streaming platforms, raising questions about the ethics and implications of AI in the music industry. Even McCartney himself expressed concerns about the application of AI, reminding us of the need for a cautious approach in integrating AI with art.


  • What is the title of the Beatles’ new song? The new song is titled ‘Now and Then’.
  • Who wrote ‘Now and Then’? ‘Now and Then’ was written by the late John Lennon.
  • How was AI used in the production of ‘Now and Then’? AI was used to extract John Lennon’s voice from an old demo, allowing it to be incorporated into the new song.
  • Are there any controversies associated with the use of AI in music production? Yes, there have been controversies related to the use of AI in the music industry, particularly with regards to the creation of AI fakes.
  • What are the implications of the use of AI in the Beatles’ new song? The use of AI in the completion of the Beatles’ new song marks a significant step in music production, blending technology with art in an unprecedented manner. However, it also raises important ethical and legal questions that need to be addressed as we move forward.

In conclusion, the Beatles’ ‘Now and Then’ is not just a song, but a testament to the transformative power of technology in art. It’s a harmonious blend of past and present, a melody that transcends time, and a reminder of the ethical considerations that come with the integration of AI in art. It’s a song that, much like the Beatles themselves, will continue to resonate with audiences for generations to come.