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The Unseen Encore Of The Beatles: An AI-Resurrected Symphony

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The Beatles, a band that hardly requires an introduction, have made an incredible comeback to prominence recently. “Now and Then,” an incomplete composition from 1978, has been revived through the power of artificial intelligence (AI).

The Unknown Song: “Now And Then”

“Now and Then,” a song written by the illustrious John Lennon, had been shelved and was patiently awaiting its big break. Thanks to AI’s assistance, this piece has been given new life and is now available to Beatles fans worldwide. That moment has finally arrived.

AI: Music Production’s New Maestro

The employment of AI to finish “Now and Then” marks a significant advancement in music production. New technology allowed for the successful isolation of Lennon’s voice from an older version of the song. This method was made possible by Peter Jackson’s documentary “Get Back,” which used a specially designed artificial intelligence (AI) to distinguish the Beatles’ voices from background noise, opening the door for this ground-breaking musical project.

Swan Song By The Beatles: A Fusion Of The Past And The Present

Although there were difficulties along the way to finish the song, the outcome is proof of the creative application of technology in the arts. AI made it possible to isolate John Lennon’s voice from the piano, which allowed for a more authentic addition of Lennon’s voice to the finished mix. As a result, fans are given a fresh perspective on the Beatles through a song that expertly combines the past and present.

AI in Music Production: An Ethical Crossroads

The controversy surrounding this new era of music production tempers the euphoria surrounding the AI-assisted song. Before now, prominent AI fakes have attracted a lot of attention on streaming services, posing ethical and practical concerns regarding AI’s use in the music business. McCartney himself voiced reservations about the use of AI, which serves as a reminder to proceed cautiously when fusing AI with artistic expression.


  • What is the name of the new song by The Beatles? “Now and Then” is the name of the new song.
  • The author of “Now and Then”? The late John Lennon wrote “Now and Then.”
  • How did “Now and Then” come to be produced using AI? The voice of John Lennon was able to be used in the new song using artificial intelligence (AI) extracting it from an old demo.
  • Are there any debates around the application of AI to music production? Yes, there have been disputes regarding AI’s application in the music business, especially when it comes to the production of AI fakes.
  • What effects does the Beatles’ new song’s usage of AI have? The Beatles’ new song’s usage of AI is a revolutionary shift in music production, fusing technology and creativity in a way never seen before. It also brings up significant moral and legal issues, though, which demand further discussion as we proceed.

In summary, “Now and Then” by the Beatles is more than just a song—it’s a monument to the revolutionary potential of technology in the arts. It’s a melody that endures, a symphony that unites the past and present, and a poignant reminder of the moral issues raised by the use of AI in art. Like the Beatles themselves, this song will continue to have an impact on listeners for many years to come.