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Brilliant Labs created the open-source Frame AI glasses, which are intended to offer augmented reality experiences. They are compatible with prescription lenses and are available in three colors: translucent, white, or black. The augmented reality content on the glasses is shown on a microOLED panel. The glasses’ source code and design files can be accessed without charge on Github. The nose piece of the spectacles has a tiny camera, and the ear pieces—which are actually just batteries—are made to resemble coin-shaped speakers. The glasses should have a full day’s worth of battery life. Pre-order prices for the glasses start at $349, and delivery is anticipated as early as April 2024.
The Frame eyewear is marketed as the first in the world to have an integrated multimodal AI assistant. They run on the cellular or Wi-Fi network that your smartphone is connected to and are fuelled by it. The purpose of the glasses is to enhance your phone, not to replace it.

In addition, the glasses have a front-facing spatial camera, an embedded microphone, a high-resolution vivid display with 3,000 nits of brightness, and a 6DoF IMU for sophisticated applications.

For comfort and durability, engineering-grade nylon material is used in the construction of the spectacles.
In addition to capturing pictures, which the glasses’ camera allows you to do, the glasses are meant to be an AI assistant that supports you throughout the day.

Additionally, real-time voice recognition and translation are features of the eyewear.

Github is where you can find the glasses’ design files and code, which are open-source. The majority of people, but not all of them, fall within the 58–72mm IPD (inter-pupillary distance) range for which they were intended.

Prices for the glasses have not yet been announced, and some AI features may require a subscription. Frame uses Perplexity AI, thus that may help estimate the price for you. Although there is a free tier on Perplexity AI’s website, a $20 monthly or $200 annual subscription is required for more frequent questions and multimodal use.
Competitors include other AI-powered eyewear on the market, including the Envision Glasses, which have a lightweight and comfy design that makes them suitable for all-day wear. They include Standard Titanium Frames and Smith Optics Frames, two different types of frames.

Additionally, there are the Amazon Echo Frames, which are a line of audio-enabled spectacles that debuted in 2020.