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The Open Source Meta AGI

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Artificial general intelligence (AGI) is being actively developed by Meta, a firm run by CEO Mark Zuckerberg, and the business has hinted that it may make its software available as open source. Artificial General Intelligence (AGI) is a type of AI that can comprehend, acquire, and use knowledge similarly to human intelligence. According to Zuckerberg, Meta’s long-term goal is to develop AGI, responsibly open-source it, and make it broadly accessible for the good of all.

To achieve this, Meta is combining the efforts of its two AI research teams, GenAI and FAIR (Facebook AI Research). The business is also developing a vast computational infrastructure to serve future AI models, and it is training Llama 3, its next-generation model. Plans are for having 350,000 H100 GPUs by the end of the year, or about 600,000 H100 equivalents of processing power.

According to Zuckerberg, there is a direct connection between artificial intelligence (AI) and the metaverse, and smart glasses will be the main means through which people interact with these technologies. Although he hasn’t committed to a specific plan for open-sourcing any possible AGI generated by Meta, he has stated that Meta’s approach to AGI will be to open-source it as long as it is safe and responsible to do so.

The shift in favor of open-sourcing AGI supports the open-source AI technology movement started by Zuckerberg and Meta, which has generated discussion in the tech sector. This approach, which contrasts with more reclusive competitors, is what prompted IBM and Meta to form the AI Alliance, an organization dedicated to advancing an open-source understanding of artificial intelligence.

A tendency of tech executives to downplay the risks associated with artificial intelligence (AGI) is evident in Zuckerberg’s remark, which coincides with a heated debate in the industry about access to and control over AGI technologies. Given his voting influence over Meta’s stock, Zuckerberg ultimately decides whether to make AGI open source. In conclusion, Meta is funding the advancement of AGI intending to maybe open it up for public use. This would greatly benefit the AI ecosystem and have an impact on the future course of accessibility and development of AI.