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Samsung Unpacked 2024: Expectations And How To Watch

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Starting on Wednesday at 6 a.m. PT/9 a.m. ET, Samsung Unpacked 2024 will begin. For our West Coast friends, why so early? This year’s Galaxy gadget showcase will take place in Paris, with local time commencing at 1 p.m. CET. As luck would have it, Paris is also hosting the opening ceremony of the Summer Olympics, which Samsung is a major sponsor of, in around two weeks.

Foldables will take center stage at the Samsung event if history is any guide, as it usually is when it comes to these stuff. For a number of years now, the business has followed a six-month flagship release schedule. Samsung discontinued the Note in 2022, so new Galaxy S smartphones will be available in January and February, along with Galaxy Z Folds and Galaxy Z Flips in the summer. However, it appears that there will be a lot of activity at the Samsung event in addition to the change of environment.

A significant amount of focus on Galaxy AI, which previously received a lot of attention at the Galaxy S24 announcement, is one of the other anticipated highlights. A little more than a month later at MWC in Barcelona, That Unpacked also revealed the Galaxy Ring as their “one more thing.” Anticipate more specific information about the upcoming wearable as well as additional accessories like Galaxy Buds.

Updates For The Samsung Galaxy Z Fold And Z Flip 6

Naturally, the majority of the gadgets covered below, including the two new foldables, have already surfaced online. Producing excellent hardware, assembling components, and prematurely disclosing all of the aforementioned are Samsung’s primary capabilities.

Many people’s opinions have shifted in the past few years due to the company’s unwavering dedication to the foldable form factor. The initial few generations of foldables raised a lot of concerns regarding user interest and dependability, but Samsung has successfully demonstrated that foldables are a marketable product category.

The Snapdragon 8 gen 3 processor, which Qualcomm debuted in Hawaii last autumn, will power both of the new versions (I really need to talk to someone about my travel budget). OnePlus and Xiaomi handsets, as well as the Galaxy S24 series, were among the first to use the new system-on-a-chip; Vivo had previously unveiled a foldable smartphone using the silicon in March.

According to reports, the Fold 6 will undergo significant design changes that will make it lighter and thinner than the Fold 6, with an altered 22:9 aspect ratio. That would more closely align it with OnePlus’s and Google’s excellent foldable offerings. Other speculations claim that the Galaxy Fold will have an improved battery in addition to a brighter screen and a redesigned aluminum shell.

AI Galaxy

International legislation now mandates that all phone manufacturers talk about artificial intelligence for half of every event, as you have undoubtedly heard. The topic took up a significant portion of Samsung’s winter Unpacked event, when the company unveiled several new camera features as well as its Circle to Search collaboration with Google. At I/O in May, Google assumed leadership, and at WWDC the previous month, we discovered that “AI” now reportedly stood for “Apple Intelligence.”

The main task for Samsung is to distinguish Galaxy AI from the plethora of Gemini features that will soon be available for Android. Outside of items like a new translation capability for WhatsApp, specifics about those plans are a little vague.

Price And Release Date For The Galaxy Ring

During the most recent Unpacked event, Samsung gave us a little surprise by revealing a brand-new wearable. With the release of Galaxy Ring, the business enters a market that has previously been controlled by less well-known brands like Oura. All of those companies said something like, “We’re happy that Samsung has effectively validated our space,” when the product was announced.

“New players entering the space is validation for the category and drives us to aim higher to serve our members and community,” Oura CEO Tom Hale said in a TechCrunch interview at the time.

Samsung will eventually provide specific specifics about what such validation will entail. A pricing and release date for The Ring should be announced; reports point to a $300 ballpark. That would place the device on par with Oura, but it’s still unclear how much of the price Samsung would charge for a subscription to premium health software (much like Oura’s).

Additional Items To Watch During Samsung Unpacked: Samsung Galaxy Watch

The smaller, the better has always been Samsung’s earbud motto. The business has been using a tiny, spherical design that rests gently against the ear for many years. It works well enough, but because there isn’t much surface area to interact with, control is limited. The company is, of course, adding stems, along with an oblong charging case.

When you wear your AirPods out, a lot of people will ask you if they’re real, if the leaks that have happened so far are any indication. It appears that the leakers are onto something as the copyright holder has taken down a large number of the photographs that were uploaded to Twitter/X.

Additionally, alleged leakers have shared pictures of what appear to be the Galaxy Watch 7. Samsung also announced the pre-show debut of a new BioActive sensor, further confirming the impending release of the wearable. The business observes:

With design advancements that enable even more accurate health insights, the all-new BioActive Sensor is crucial to providing you with better preventative health experiences on the next Galaxy Watch. With the new sensor, Samsung engineers concentrated on three improvements: improving the efficiency of light-receiving photodiodes, adding more colors to the light-emitting diodes (LEDs), and strategically placing the LEDs throughout the sensor.

It’s reasonable to think the firm will speak about its health and fitness platform a lot in light of the new Ring and the improved Watch. With Apple’s recent patent woes, Samsung might as well take advantage of the situation now.